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Last updated 15 January 2018

World War 2 Bunkers

Do you recognise any of the graffiti?

I wish to thank Mousa Saad for giving me the opportunity to publish these photographs of the WWII Bunker walls.

As can be seen I have been able to research some of the graphiti. [Don]

Bunker Entrance
J.V. Griffiths, Newcastle. 8/1 Pioneers NX 45226 J.V. Griffiths, Newcastle. 2/1 Pioneers NX 45225

Presumably South Australia [Don]

Sapper T.B. Wylie 10th S.A.E.C.Sapper T.B. Wylie 10th S.A.E.C.
24th May 1942

10th Battalion, South African Engineer Corp. [Don]

Cpl. Hellerle P.W.Cpl. Hellerle P.W. 31-3-42
Pt. J.R. Tregeagle 2/43SX10879 Pt J.R. Tregeagle 2/43

SX10879 Cpl Jesse Roy Tregeagle,
2/43rd Australian Infantry Battalion
Born 30 Jul 1910, Died in action New Guinea 1-10-1943, Home town Tea Tree Gully, Adelaide, South Australia. [Don]

K. PierpointK. Pierpoint SX5348, 2/43 Bn

SX5348 Pt. Albert Kevin Pierpoint 2/43rd Infantry Battalion, born Queenbeyan, South Australia 24 June 1913 died 21 Nov 1966 [Don]

Pictures courtesy Don Budge

This is a scan of Italian coast artillery fire control centre. This bunker was situated east of the harbour [Tobruk].
The graffiti on the wall I think is Marine Hotel , tobruk bar entrance.' East London. Personally I think it says Public Bar Entrance [Don S].
As l lived two years in Cape Town some time ago, I am sure this is a South African address.

Also see the ESSEX ARMS (I see there are quite a few in the U K. I see on the net there is today in East London a marine lodge hotel ???? I think the person who wrote this must have worked at the hotel. I will send next the pin-up photos that I filmed. Kindest Regards, Don Budge.

There is other graphiti at the top right but it is unreadable except a few letters. [Don S]

Centrale Di Tiro Pin-up Pin-up Pin-up Pin-up

I found this newspaper in 1956/57 about 4 miles west of Tobruk. I found in a small waddi, some W.W.2 slit trenches they were filled with sand. My pal and I dug out the sand and found lots of letters mostly sweetheart and news from back home!!
We also found a box of Mills grenades and .303 ammo and a dog tag (fiber) with a number and name.

We filled in the trench and only kept the newspapers. The paper is THE SUN NEW PICTORIAL a Melbourne paper Sat. 3 May 1941. This paper is now the MELBOURNE HERALD SUN.
Don [B]

The Sun New Pictorial 3 May 1941