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El Adem + Tobruk
Can You Help?

Can you help anybody mentioned on these pages?

Still oustanding!

Sailing Bob Edwards, Mick Price

Hi Don,
I have just found your web site of El Adem. I was posted there from Dec 1961 to Dec 1963, (I tried to get a short extension to my stay there to see me through Christmas '63, but failed :-( .

I have many photos and, if you're interested, will send you some in due course. I was there again in 2010 on a "Friends of TEARS" nostalgia trip; we'd intended to go again in 2011 because of the terrific welcome we got, but couldn't go because of the uprising :-(

In the meantime; I've been trying to locate a couple of mates without success: does anyone know where Bob Edwards, Mick Price & Jock Robbinson, all of us were J/T armourers, are?

I did a lot of sailing, for something to do, in Tobruk harbour. The first attachment is of myself on a very hairy sail accross the harbour mouth to the NAAFI on Long, airmens', beach; my crew was Jock Robbinson.

The second one is of Bob Edwards & Mick Price.

Will be in touch again,
Bob, known as Ted then, Heath.

Duplicated from Crashes/Argosy page

I was in Libya in 1968, not long after the argosy crash in Libya.
We were on attachment from 24 missile regt. R.A. and were doing the survey for the infantry along the 'wadis' that formed the battle runs.
The reason I took interest in this crash was because at the time I was told that one of the soldiers killed was an ex-boy RSM from JLRRA called Tunnicliffe, if this was true we had served together in boys service from 1963 to 1965.
I could never verify this fact.
Yours sincerely
Peter Titmarsh
24 Missile Regt.R.A.
94 Loc Rent. R.A.

Yes thanks very much for getting back to me, would appreciate you posting my email, and it would be mind settling to know of my mates fate, if any.

I am trying to find 2 good friends for my dad.
He [James (jim) Kelly] was stationed in Tobruk fire section in the mid to late 60's.
His 2 great friends were Larry Lamb (wife - Rose, daughter - Heather) and Benny Rodgers.
Anyone on your site know his name? Or do you know the best place to search?

Kindest Regards

Duplicated from Crashes/Hastings page

I am Paul Sciberras writing this letter about my grandfather because is in the plane but still alive...
Can you tell me more information about my grandfather pls? My grandfather now is died on 09/11/1995.
The name is Joseph Sciberras.. I send you a when my grandfather arrived in Malta on 14 oct 1961.
Thankyou for your help.
Paul Sciberras

Can anybody help here please? [Don]

Can you help me please? I am currently recording my time in the army including my six months in Libya from Dec 1966 to July 1967 - one of the places I visited was called, I think, the MMR Club or MMD... it was an old Italian Opera house in Tobruk as far as I can recall?
Do you have any ideas?
Many thanks
Richard [Bond]

Miloud El Nibou (Tobruk) is hoping to find the following family that he knew during 1966 to 1968, can you help?

Wife: Bettina Steffanie Olive.
Husband: Thomas or John Graham
Children: Gavin and Elizabeth Victoria

Duplicated from Crashes/Hastings page

Hi don, I was talking to my dad earlier tonight, he had been watching a film and in it was a plane crash.
He told me about a plane that crashed in Tobruk in 1961, he was stationed there in 61-66 I think as RAF police dog handler and witnessed the crash.
He recalls 28 Maltese soldiers died but said 2 or 3 made it out alive.
My dads name is Ralph Rix, he asked if anyone recalls his name.
Also I have many photos to of him at the base with friends and his dog.
Cheers Jason Rix

Hi Don
Just came across this post on your page:

Then quoted the above text from Jason

Be grateful if you could put me in touch with Jason Rix?
My late father served as A/Cpl Gilbert 'Taff' Batt, RAFP and was one of the first on the scene of this tragedy.
I don't know if he was a dog handler at that time, although it was one of his qualifications.
He met my mother at El Adem - she was a Nursing Attendant in SHQ and also a presenter on TEARS. I too have many pics fo my dads service.
Many thanks in advance.

Phil Batt. (ex-TG11, RAF)

fantastic news and yes of course please send my details on.
My father has since the last email passed away, but of course I have all the info.
Thank you
Thank you the PJ PPT team.

Another success! Let's have some more. [Don]

Before 7 July 2014

Dear Don,
I am filling some gaps for our old Tobruck Football Players between the 1960 and 1965 and I am interested to find out the names of some English players, a goal keeper, a midfield, a right wing, and a tall defender who played with Tobruk club during the above period. I don’t recall their names but I am sure Eddie was one of them.
I would be very happy if you could put the word through your site we might get some feedback.

Miloud Al Nibou

Well we have a success here hopefully. [Don]

Hello again Don,
As promised I attach two photos for your contact Miloud el Nibou. The large photo is of the Tobruk Garrison team for most of 1960, I can only remember two names, standing 2nd from right Dave Manley, centre forward and fourth from the right Pedler Palmer, half back.

The smaller picture is another team which included two local Libyan players who are standing each end of the back row, I can only remember the name of one, he is on the right and called Khallifa. he was a very good centre forward. Palmer was also there and the goalkeeper was called Brian Maud who was from York.

This combined team played against a team from a visiting British Aircraft Carrier either the Arc Royal or Eagle. I spent most of 1959 and 1960 in Tobruk Garrison and I played some games but mainly during training, I hope this info is of some use to Miloud. and you may use it if you wish If you would like more info of this time I may be able to help, will be in touch

Peter Howard

Football team
Football team

I have just found your site and wondered whether, through the contacts you have in Tobruk, whether it would be possible to trace a very dear old friend of mine.
His name was Awad and he was the cook in the Naafi Staff house in the Garrison Road Tobruk.

I worked in the District office, along with people such as John Cass and Bob Lintott, the Naafi District Manager. Awad was a really lovely person and extremely kind to me.
I was the youngest member of staff (only 21 at the time I arrived in 1968) and he really looked after me.
When I left in 1970, because of the new regime, it was not possible to stay in contact with Awad.

He would have been around 37 or 38 and he lived with his wife and small children in a house behind the Garrison Road. I often wonder what became of him. And I often wonder what Tobruk looks like now!
I remember a Major Salah who I had dealings with after the Revolution and I wonder too, what became of him.
Your site is very interesting and brings back lots of memories.
Best wishes
Josie Orford (Bailey)

More success ? [Don]

Thanks Don.
I've spoken with Bob Lintott this morning and he does remember Awad very well - said he was an excellent cook and looked after them very well. He has lost contact with John Cass over the years and unfortunately did not stay in touch with Awad, though he suspects that he stayed on after the revolution. Can you please pass this on to Josie, as although it won't help her get closer to finding out what became of Awad, it's often good to get the recognition of a memory that's shared.

All the best and keep up the good work.
Best wishes
Jonathon Wretham

Another of the footballers being sought? [Don]

Not sure if you are still looking after the webpage?

Peter Waddell, PTI, RAF El Adem 1965/66??

Tobruk Harbour Swim Race. Just finished at the Officer's Club.

Also played football, in goal, for Tobruk in the Libyan League.

Peter Waddell