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These are exclusively from my photographs on the home page.
The cello head is unfortunately, not visible on the older but clearer Mrs Brill photograph
which can be seen on other pages.

It is a pity that the labels are not readable.
Is the music Bach perhaps?
Notice that the music is visible through the clear glass of the bottles.

Egyptian Money

The detail in these Bank of Egypt coins and notes must have taken many hours to perfect ...and repeat.

The window

A person can be seen at the window in the top right corner, seemingly observing the scene.
Is it his girlfriend, wife or mother looking out for his return?

How long did it take to produce the realistic detail in the brickwork?

Cello Head

The carved head on one of the cellos is reminiscent of the prow of an ancient ship.

Look at the detail showing the strings wound around the tuning knobs


This could almost have been a real newspaper pasted on the wall.
The paragraph settings and indenting are perfect. Is it in fact a copy of an actual issue sent with a Red Cross parcel?
There seems to be a specific interest in boxing. Maybe he represented his regiment.


From masks to heads to skulls? Or the other way around! These seem to form an underlying theme to the other items.
The skulls perhaps represent death witnessed in the desert war, or is there something deeper?


The faces seem to have an international flavour.

The detail and subtle shading is very fine and after 64 years of exposure, the upper parts of the mural seem remarkably clear.

Books by Charles Dickens

If only we could read the titles
Are they encyclopaedias, they are all the same size?

NO! - An update, courtesy of Lydia Pappas, is that the books are in fact a selection of works by Charles Dickens.

From left to right
A Tale of Two Cities; Barnaby Rudge; David Copperfield; The Old Curiosity Shop and The Pickwick Papers.
The photograph provided by John Seccombe provides the last title, 'Christmas Carol'.

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