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Building and John Brill Mural Restoration completed

At last it looks as if this masterpiece is saved!

I wish to thank the following for their kind permission to publish the pictures and in-depth report they sent me, of their excellent work in restoring the building and the John Brill mural.

Al Burdy Company that has funded this excellent restoration and also the team that have carried out this exacting and high quality work.

The team are...

  Dott. Arch. Khalil Abdel Hadi and Dott. ssa Arch. Marina Cappellino from CISAM Italy and...

  Eng. Mohamed Khalil and Eng. Osama Ghinjiwa from Al Burdy company.

I am informed that they do not yet know if the newly uncovered mural is by John Brill. It may of course be that it will never be known.

Note that Mrs Brill in her letter mentions another mural.

New Mural Sketch The newly discovered mural sketch, by John Brill(?) - Courtesy Khalil Hadi

Mural Before BEFORE - Courtesy Major Mousa Saad
Mural After AFTER - Courtesy Al Burdy Company and Dott. Arch. Khalil Abdel Hadi

Building before BEFORE - Picture courtesy Andrew Lamnea
Building after AFTER - Picture courtesy Al Burdy Company and Dott. Arch. Khalil Abdel Hadi